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Anmum™ Lacta

Anmum™ Lacta is formulated to maintain the nutritional composition of breast milk while replenishing maternal stores during the post-natal period. Two glasses of Anmum™ Lacta a day can help replenish your nutrient stores after...

Dumex Mamil

Try our specially tailored formula milk catered to the needs of both pregnant and lactating mum as well as your child after 6 months till 10 years old. Request for a Free sample here

Similac Mum – Free Sample

As a mother you want the very best for your baby. This desire is birthed the moment you begin to plan for your pregnancy. You need the strongest foundation that nutrition can provide to...

Anmum™ Materna

Anmum™ Materna Specially formulated for women planning for pregnancy and pregnant women. New Anmum™ Materna features Probio DR10™ and Prebiotic (Inulin) for a good intestinal environment. A good digestive system supports optimum nutrient absorption....