Karihome Growing-Up formula

The natural goodness of Karihome Growing-Up formula helps to meet the nutritional needs of active toddlers aged 1 to 3 years old. Karihome Growing-Up formula contains the following nutrients: – Taurine to help support...


Anmum™ Lacta

Anmum™ Lacta is formulated to maintain the nutritional composition of breast milk while replenishing maternal stores during the post-natal period. Two glasses of Anmum™ Lacta a day can help replenish your nutrient stores after...


Dumex Mamil

Try our specially tailored formula milk catered to the needs of both pregnant and lactating mum as well as your child after 6 months till 10 years old. Request for a Free sample here


Karihome Follow-On Formula

Karihome Follow-On formula contains all the nutritional benefits of goat’s milk for babies after 6 months. Made from fresh goat’s milk of the highest quality, Karihome Follow-On formula is fortified with vitamins, minerals and...


Free Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil

All of Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil are formulated using the unique hpo (high performance oil) system, a complex combination of three moleculary distinct oils that trap the lipophilic residue of stubborn waxes and oils...


Ensure Life

Take charge of your wellness so you can do the things you love. But it is hard to get the right nutrients in the right amounts to maintain a active lifestyle. Ensure® Life is...


Similac Mum – Free Sample

As a mother you want the very best for your baby. This desire is birthed the moment you begin to plan for your pregnancy. You need the strongest foundation that nutrition can provide to...


Free Fennel Sanitary Pad

Fennel unique botanical formula works naturally via your body’s warmth. This process helps to: control harmful bacterial growth neutralize unpleasant odour prevent irritable itch soothe menstrual discomfort More benefits with Fennel: Cool and refreshing...


Similac Follow On Formula Milk

Give your baby the best in life. Now, what better time to start when your precious one is still little? The first few years are the most important when your baby learns about the...